Friday, March 28, 2014

Paper Towns...THE MOVIE!!!

It was recently announced that the novel Paper Towns by John Green, is going to the big screen!! We also found out that the same people who wrote/produced The Fault in Our Stars, another popular novel/ movie to be by John Green, will be doing Paper Towns!!  

The lead, Q, is going to be played by Nat Wolff, who also plays Issac in TFIOS. *squeals* 

Nat Wolff, "Q" 
 While the role of Margo has not been announced, I think that either Mae Whitman or Kaya Scodelario would fit the part perfectly!!

Mae Whitman 
Kaya Scodelario

What do you guys think? Are they great or not so much? Who would you fancast? 

We will keep you posted when we get further casting details! 



  1. I think it's so awesome and it's great for the population of Nerdfighteria, but I would have preferred seing Katherines or Alaska!

    I do like Mae Whitman as Margo. The other girl looks too... Too modern and popular

    Sorry to ask, but do you mind checking out my blog? I started it recently and don't have very many visitors

    1. Of course!! I recognize you from Instagram, I added you to my blog list :)